NOTE: all orders require a minimum 5-day lead time and no exceptions can be made to this policy.


ASU staff and faculty can rent our items in support of an ASU event regardless of unit or campus. ASU Student Orgs can rent our items for ASU sponsored events, but an ASU staff member must submit on an orgs behalf and have funding available should the order inquire fees.



There is no cost in renting our items, apart from linen (please read linen fees below).



All orders require a minimum of 5-day lead time and unfortunately no exceptions can be made. Our team has many additional responsibilities and accepting last-minute orders greatly hinders our ability to meet important deadlines in support of our events and Dean's Office operations.



To rent from us, a valid CC/PG number must be provided at the time of booking. As mentioned, there is no cost to renting our items, apart from linen, and this simply acts like insurance – it will only be used if items are not returned, returned damaged, or for linen cleaning fees.



All rented linen has an associated cleaning fee of $6.00 per linen. That is what the cleaners charge us, and we pass it on. Linens are to be returned dirty in the dirty linen bags provided with your order; please make sure to shake off any solid pieces of food prior to putting them in the bags. Once linen has been returned, it is taken to the cleaners within 24 hours and we pay upfront. You will then receive an email from confirming your total cleaning cost and your CC/PG provided. We will then process an expense transfer in Workday from the account you provided.

When placing an order that includes linen, you have the option to add a steam cleaner that will help get out any wrinkles. They will be available first come first serve and if one is available we will automatically include with your order, if requested. You can request one on the checkout page.



If the inventory is returned damaged, meaning unusable and needing replacement, you will be responsible for the current replacement value. If the items are never returned, you will be charged the replacement value. Not returning items and not following up with payment for charges will prevent you renting from us in the future.



Your order will be pulled, packaged, and labeled one business day prior to the "from date" on your order packing slip. You are welcome to pick up your order starting as early as 8:30 a.m. on the "from date" and you can pick up as late as 4:30 p.m. on any days following.

Your order can be picked up at The Brickyard on Mill, 699 S Mill Ave, Tempe AZ 85281.

Once you arrive on the 6th floor, please visit the front desk for directions if it is your first time visiting.



All items are required to be returned by the day you selected. We have at minimum six orders a week and delayed returns prevent us from fulfilling other upcoming orders.

All items are to be returned to the same place you picked them up by simply placing items on the large counter in the events area. When returning items, they must be in the same condition you borrowed them in, apart from dirty linen. This means all items put back into their original packaging and nothing damaged.